Linux, Steam Controller и SteamOS доступны!

Hello community,

We’ve just launched the Linux & SteamOS version of The Long Dark. Release notes below.

Thanks to all the community members who supported us by testing the Linux Experimental Build. We’ll be shutting down that branch now that Linux and SteamOS are in the main game branch.


The Long Dark now supports both Linux and SteamOS in the main branch, and offers native support for the Steam Controller. Notes below.

Steam Controller
We have setup a recommended Steam controller binding: The Long Dark – Official Hinterland Binding (v1.0).

* This layout is based on a dual-stick controller
* The right trackpad is setup to emulate the mouse for high-precision camera movement
* The bottom left and right paddles mirror the top left and right bumpers
* Clicking/double-tapping the right track pad mirrors the (A) button (Interact)


In this update we’re officially launching a Linux/SteamOS version of The Long Dark. We have tested this build internally using the SteamOS Beta.

Thanks to all the community members who contributed to the testing effort. We have done our best to fix the bugs we have encountered, but some bugs still remain.

Known issues

* Audio – Some players have experienced audio issues (crackling) when game window loses focus. This can happen if the user alt-tabs away from the game, then returns.

* Stability – Some users have reported that the game will crash on boot or when entering/exiting interiors Reports of this crash include a reference to

This crash is likely due to an incompatible/incorrect version of a library file
Some users have reported working around this crash. This workaround has not been verified internally. Information can be found here:

* Steam Controller – The right touch pad will cause the mouse cursor to become visible in some interface screens. When this happens the keyboard/mouse buttons will show instead of the gamepad button legend.

* Steam Controller – The in-game gamepad button legend does not reflect a remapped steam controller

* Rendering – Interior light shafts are currently disabled.

Any Linux/SteamOs bugs can be reported here.

When reporting an issue, please consider posting a copy of your player.log to the forum using The player.log file can be found here:

~/.configunity/unity3d/Hinterland/The Long Dark/Player.log

Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy this release of The Long Dark on Linux and SteamOS!

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