The Long Dark – Патч #7

Патч #7 для THE LONG DARK – Обновление до версии 1.10 (32415).

ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: В этих заметках могут быть спойлеры режима истории.

Список изменений:

Linux Specific

  • Fixed issue with post-FX not rendering correctly on Linux when using Medium or higher display settings.
  • Fixed issue with movie files not playing correctly on Linux.


  • Fixed issue with Jeremiah’s Flare Cache not spawning correctly. This fixes a blocker in getting the Supply Caches achievement.
  • Fixed several small typos in various Trust dialogues.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where Survival music could occasionally be heard in a story episode.
  • Fixed issue where Jeremiah would be inanimate after completing the Bear Hunt mission.
  • Fixed issue where the Snow Shelter would not unlock properly after completing the relevant Trust unlock.
  • Fixed issue where Methuselah cinematic might not play in Renewed Hope mission.
  • Fixed issue where Rifle could end up in a broken state when reloading during a door transition.
  • Fixed issue in Survival Mode where the female survivor voice sometimes plays when playing as the male survivor.
  • Fixed issue with a series of multiple exertion sounds being played after a Bear struggle.

Мы продолжаем исправлять дополнительные проблемы так быстро, как только можем. Спасибо за терпеливость.

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