The Long Dark – Патч #9

Патч #9 для THE LONG DARK – Обновление до версии 1.14 (32663).

ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: В этих заметках могут быть спойлеры режима истории.

Список изменений:

  • Improved screen flow leading to Episode Two once Episode One credits are complete or skipped.
  • Эпизод 2: Fixed issue preventing Jeremiah’s Flare Trust mission from triggering correctly.
  • Эпизод 2: Fixed issue that could prevent Old Bear from progressing to next waypoint in Bear Hunt mission.
  • Эпизод 2: Fix for Lake Cabin key using the incorrect key asset.
  • Эпизод 2 и Режим выживания: Added Rope Climb to River area in Broken Railroad region.
  • Режим выживания: Tuned Aurora frequency values to make it more rare.
  • Режим выживания: Fixed duplicated gear items in Trailer.
  • Added scrolling for Journal text that won’t fit entirely on screen.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad controls when viewing Journal Notes.
  • Fixed issue with Back button returning to Main Menu instead of previous screen when viewing Journal Notes from the Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue with Cairn and Note collectibles not saving to Journal after death.
  • Fixed issue where Flashlight pick-up “hot spot” was awkwardly large.
  • Fixed issue where Backer text appeared as “N/A” instead of the correct English text in translated versions; this text is meant to be left untranslated in all languages.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Bears spawning in the Challenge: Hunted, Part Two
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Jeremiah Knives spawning in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue with being able to get past the collapsed bridge in the Broken Railroad region.

Мы продолжаем исправлять дополнительные проблемы так быстро, как только можем. Спасибо за терпеливость.

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