Обновление 1.34

Hello community,

We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark to v1.34 [37910] to address some issues that surfaced in our recent update, VIGILANT FLAME.

You’ll find the complete changelist for the hotfix below.

Список изменений в версии 1.34 (37910):

  • [All] Updated “Use” verbs to better reflect player activity in the game. Verbs should now more accurately reflect intended use.
  • [All] Pass Time Until Ready when Melting snow now stops when snow is melted. Boiling to Purify melted snow is now a separate Cooking action, as before.
  • [All] Cooking times for partial-unit food items now scale correctly. I.e. 0.5 Kg of meat now takes half the full-unit time cost.
  • [All] Wildlife will no longer attack players during accelerated time, unless they were already detected prior to beginning an activity. This addresses an issue where players were being ambushed by predators during accelerated time actions.
  • [All] Fixed Mac keyboard icons for Placement actions appearing on PC.
  • [All] Fixed players being able to use a Recycled Can/Cooking Pot to cook when the item was at 0% Condition.
  • [All] Fixed Quick Placement when using the Steam Controller.
  • [All] Fixed exploit where players were able to restore burned food by placing it back onto an active cooking surface.
  • [All] Fixed Mac trackpad secondary click not being active for Placement.
  • [All] Fixed issue causing previously-killed animal corpses to reappear after updating the game.
  • [All] Fixed issue causing active monitor to change when switching screen resolution.
  • [All] Fixed players losing Placement functionality when interrupting Placement from the Pack.
  • [All] Fixed camera bob persisting after lighting the Storm Lantern while walking.
  • [All] Fixed issue causing players to exit the Fishing UI immediately after catching a fish, instead of being able to continue.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing arrows to become invisible after firing them.
  • [Survival Mode] Many minor environment fixes to Hushed River Valley.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed numerous Hushed River Valley locations where players could become stuck in the terrain.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed Scrolling in Journal Notes.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed players becoming stuck in-between rocks near the bridge closest to Draft Dodger’s Cabin in Pleasant Valley.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed rare issue where players were permanently afflicted with Cabin Fever in some very old Wintermute saves.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed getting stuck when crouching inside Jeremiah’s Cabin during Wintermute Episode Two.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where players were unable to place items inside Jeremiah’s Cabin during Wintermute Episode Two.

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