Обновление 122

We’ve just updated the Sandbox Alpha with the following fixes:

Список изменений:

  • Added control configuration to Options > Key Bindings.
  • Added vertical sync option to Options > Display.
  • Fixed framerate drop issues when inspecting items.
  • Fixed issue with tools wearing out 2x normal speed when Foraging or Harvesting.
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur in Repair and Harvest carcass screens.
  • Fixed “bigfoot” bug — items sometimes scaling up when dropped.
  • Some voice over fixes and new heavy wind audio.
  • Fixed issue with being able to turn past last tumbler and open safe.
  • Fixed issue with audio for fires not playing when reloading a save.
  • Fixed issue with Encumbered label sometimes turning off.
  • Holster current weapon/tool while eating/drinking/firstaid.
  • Fixed audio issue with scrolling in the Log.
  • Disabled the F1 Help (instead view bindings in Options > Key Bindings).


* In adding the new key bindings options we have broken the Safecracking interface. The arrow keys will not rotate the dial. It is still possible to use the A/D keys to rotate the dial, however. We will fix this in the next update.

Trying to get in for the next update…

  • Tuning of Clothing system and decay rates.
  • Better balancing of Wolf population.
  • Improvements to Hunger system.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the changes!

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