Обновление 127 – Крупное обновление геймплея

Major gameplay changes in this update. Please read the details.

Список изменений:

  • Reduced % chance of Fluffy spawning in the Dam.
  • Fluffy will no longer respawn in the Dam after X days.
  • Wolf population has been modified to reduce overall density.
  • Wolves will show more interest in the player and be “drawn” to them based on behaviour.
  • There is now a chance that a Wolf will Flee when it detects the player at a distance (vs. going straight into Stalking behaviour).
  • Fixed bug where Wolves would sometimes ignore lit Flares. Lit Flares should now provide significant deterrent to Wolf attacks.
  • Fixed bug where Wolves would ignore Campfires. Campfires should now provide almost certain deterrent to Wolf attacks.
  • It is now easier to “break” the Wolf Stalking behaviour by gaining distance from them.
  • Dropped decoys are now more effective at slowing down Stalking wolves.
  • Reduced initial damage inflicted during Wolf struggle.
  • Reduced range of player damage inflicted during “light” Struggle attack.
  • Increased effectiveness of full-strength Struggle attack.
  • Reduced chance of contracting Food Poisoning for all Food Items.
  • Reduced chance of contracting Dysentery from Non-Potable water sources.
  • Reduced Calorie costs for all activities.
  • Reduced Clothing Condition decay rates when indoors.
  • Reduced per/day Starvation damage.
  • First-pass fixes to Hunger.
  • Improved HUD and Survival Panel prompts around First Aid events (i.e. Afflictions).
  • General art fixes.

We’ll keep tuning based on (usable) feedback!

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