Обновление 136 – Улучшение производительности, Exploits Fixed, Gameplay Tuning

Changelist for The Long Dark — Sandbox Alpha v.136

We’ve just updated the Sandbox Alpha to v.136! Several performance improvements, exploits fixed, and gameplay tuning.


* General art optimization should result in shorter initial load and noticeable performance improvements across the board
* Tampering of save data will result in survival time not being uploaded to Leaderboards.
* Game saves automatically when entering an interior. This will prevent abuse of the savegame system to re-roll interior loot.
* Fixed issue with some long dropdown menus getting cut off.
* Fixed bug where time would accelerate forever when opening the Survival Panel during a Harvest or Repair action.
* Slightly increased the Calorie/hour costs of Walking and Running.
* Slightly increased the Calorie/Kg cost of carrying inventory.
* The Hatchet and Hunting Knife can now be harvested.
* Harvesting values for all Tools have been tuned for duration and what they produce.
* Increased the Repair improvement value for the Hunting Knife.
* Reduced the “per use” Condition decay of the Hatchet, Hunting Knife, and Prybar
* Slightly reduced the per/Litre cost of Boiling water.
* Added some new loot to the Dam.
* Tuned the Rifle Ammo spawn in Trapper’s Homestead.
* Tuned the availability of Rifle Ammo in the Safe loot table.
* Tuned Locker and Metal Desk loot tables.
* Improved Persona selection UI.
* Fixed bug with Dysentery where it would be removed when transitioning to a new scene.
* Wolves no longer run from deer.
* Tuned wolf population density.
* Slightly reduced chance of wolf fleeing when player sighted.
* Arrow keys will now rotate safe dial.


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