Обновление 392 и 393

Список изменений 392:

  • Fixed crash that could occur when getting Frostbite.
  • Fixed uncommon crash related to leaving footprints.
  • Reduced glare cast from first person Flare and Torch.
  • Fixed issue with predators interrupting player sleep in invalid locations.
  • Fixed issue with too many Wolves spawning in Pleasant Valley.
  • Fixed issue with harvested Saplings sometimes providing Cured Branches.
  • Fixed issue with items falling through ice after a Struggle.
  • Fixed issue with wildlife sometimes not being able to pathfind to valid locations.
  • Fixed issue with screen sometimes not smoothly fading in when starting a new game.
  • Fixed issue with extra cancel button prompt sometimes showing up on Inventory UI (только геймпад).
  • Fixed issues with getting stuck in Forlorn Muskeg and Jackrabbit Island.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck when exiting the bed in the Quonset.
  • Fixed issue with Forlorn Muskeg Safe not working properly in Interloper.
  • Fixed issue with a container being destroyed in Forlorn Muskeg when breaking down a metal shelf.
  • Fixed issue with being able to use Forge before it’s hot enough.
  • Fixed issue with First Aid Kits floating after breaking down furniture.
  • Fixed issue with Research button not being localized.
  • Fixed background blur when cancelling the delete of a save slot.
  • Fixed missing damage state art for some clothing items.
  • Assign non-zero weight bonus for fish at Ice Fishing Skill Level 4.
  • Assign non-zero reduction in fishing time at Ice Fishing Skill Level 2.
  • Fixed collision issues in some caves that could prevent picking up items.
  • Fixed issue with drawn Survival Bow movement speed retained after Wolf or Bear struggle.
  • Fixed issue with Arrows not animating properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed corpse loot issue on Timberwolf Mountain.
  • Fixed issue with Snares not being visible at moderate distance.
  • Обновлено уведомление об авторских правах в главном меню.

Список изменений 393:

  • Fixed issue where Arrows would disappear upon save or scene transition.

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